UP Coffee App Review

UP Coffee App Review

App Description


UP Coffee is a great way if you are sensitive to caffeine and you want to keep track of caffeine level in your body.

This app has a great look. Very modern style and very cool design.

Considering the fact that every other body has a different metabolism and different process dealing with caffeine this app calculates your caffeine level.

When you enter UP Coffee app you enter certain  values such as gender, weight, height and targeted bed time.  Through these values your caffeine level is set.


There is of course, a quite number of coffee types. You choose what you drank during the day and UP Coffee determines  whether you should drink any more coffee or not.
There is Ices Coffee, Green Tea, Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte Espresso, even sodas like Coca-Cola, Red Bull, different kinds of energy supplements, etc. Basically, any drink that has low or high level of caffeine.

As I said, UP Coffee has very stylish design, but beside that there are useful information about coffee. What happens to human body when you drink it, what time is necessery to pass so you can be Sleep Ready, etc.

If you have problems with daily coffee income you can keep track. UP Coffee will show you your caffeine income day by day and you will be able to enjoy coffee every day not putting your health in danger.

Have a nice cup of coffee.

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