Feedly App Review

Feedly App Review

You are always online and you have so much things to read, watch or do.

How do you get anything done?

How do you even remember all the things you want to accomplish during the day?

In order to save time (because time is money, and you don’t want to waist your money) we present you Feedly, the great RSS feed reader that will ease your daily reading.

Feedly is a very simple to use. Now, this is not one of those app you download on your iPhone or iPad, test, have it for a while and never use it again. Feedly is a keeper. Feedly’s main virtue, at least for me, is that you don’t have do browse through bunch of different sites and blogs. You get all you need in just one app.

Everything is there, from cars, over “do it yourself”, fashion, world cup, cooking to serious business magazines and tips.

Second great thing is when I installed Feedly on my iPad, app automatically  syncs between both devices. For sure, Feedly is very simple to use.

But, (you were wondering when this is going to happen) Feedly has some flaws. For instance, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll because there are repeating articles. And although they say the fixed crash issue on my iPhone Feedly crashed, but I like it anyway.

Of course, every news you read on Feedly you can easily shre via Tweeter, Facebook or some other Social Network.

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