Five Best iPhone apps for Photo Editing

Five Best iPhone apps for Photo Editing

There are a lot of iPhone apps available for photo editing, so it is a challenge to know what photo editing app you should download when you are working on a photo. Below are five of the best iPhone apps for photo editing your photos.

1. Snapseed photo editing app

There is a good reason that Snapseed is on the most popular list for photo editing apps. The app is very simple to use and has a lot of powerful tools. Snapseed has all the basic photo editing tools, like being able to fix color and exposure level, and do cropping. There is also an advanced feature in Snapseed that enables you to remove unwanted objects from the photo.

Along with the editing tools, Snapseed also comes with filters that will convert pictures to black and white, blur your photos, and apply a number of different textures to your photos. If you are just getting into photo editing on an iPhone, Snapseed is one of the best to learn with.

2. VSCO 

VSCO, which is pronounced Visco, is also a popular app for photo editing. VSCO is not just a photo editing app; it is also a photo sharing and camera app. There is a large collection of easy to use editing tools and filters that make VSCO stand out from other apps.

Compared to other apps on the iPhone, the filters that are on VSCO are designed to look like classic and modern analog photo film. The strength of all the filters can be adjusted, and there are also many tools for photo editing on the app. However, you will need to pay for extra filters.

3. FilterstormNeue

If you are looking for a photo editor that is as powerful as desktop apps like Photoshop, then Filterstorm is the app for you. It does cost $3.99 on the app store; however, you are getting a huge amount of editing tools. This app is designed more for people who are looking to get in-depth with photo editing.

4. Englight

Englight has one of the most extensive collections of editing tools. You can also make more artistic and whimsical photos with Englight. Since there are a lot of features, learning Englight can take time. However, with all the tools that Englight has, it has its own guide on how to use it.

5. TouchRetouch

While there are other apps that have tools to remove unwanted parts of elements, TouchRetouch is designed to only remove unwanted parts of photos. It is easy to use and the most effective app for the iPhone to remove elements from a photo.

No matter if you are new to using an iPhone photo editing or looking to add more apps to your photo editor collection, there are a lot of great apps.

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