Cruel JELLIES! have taken all the Bob’s fingers. Imagine that! Your job is to connect swimming JELLIES!

JELLIES! is certainly one of those adorable games, just like Dumb Ways to Die.

I mean, those JELLIES! are so so so cute. They talk in cute little voices, imagine, they even sing a little bit.  When you start at first the game is not that special but the more and more I’ve played I was even more hooked. Game is so much fun and colorful.


There are three playing modes. Single, multiplayer, so you could play online with your friends as well. and endless (for this mode you either have to pay or login via Facebook).

If you choose to play single mode you will see that you have certain levels. Accomplishing those levels you get back a lost finger, finger by finger.  When you actually start playing JELLIES you will see that it’s not so hard. But the thing that’s interesting is that you get a sense of rush because of moving JELLIES!

The colors and little cute talking JELLIES will complete your impression and possible lack in game structure, so you will not even notice some of the game flaws.

Your job is to connect as much JELLIES as you can to get your score higher and higher and you have only 60 seconds to do so. You can connect three, or even circle them to get more points.

In the interest of getting your score up you can use or buy power-ups.

JELLIES! is for sure game with great art design, very simplistic, very cool. You should try yourself out and catch all the jellyfishes.

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