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10+ Best Cell Phone Stands for Samsung

Being a newbie to Samsung cell phones, I had no idea what phone stands to buy. So I read review after review and comparison after comparison before I finally figured out which ones were the best cell phone accessories for Samsung and worked with any model phone.

Are you looking for cell phone accessories for Samsung? Mobile phones are becoming increasingly complex with each passing day. However, this doesn’t mean that it is getting any less essential. On the contrary, we use our cell phones for everything these days, including keeping track of appointments and using them as fitness devices.

1. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand – ToBeoneer Phone Holder

There are two kinds of cell phones in the market. One is the clip-type stand which you can use to adjust your phone’s angle freely. The other is the holder-type stand with a hook on it, which you can put your phone on the table and use as you want.

The first type is very popular with most users because it is convenient for them to shift their phones around freely. However, these kinds of stands are not suitable for phones that have a protective case. So if you are using phone cases, you should pay more attention to this holder-type stand instead.

A phone holder is a simple and fashionable way to keep your phone in the air and hands-free while working. It holds your device with a strong rubber band and a handy adjustable stand. The phone holder uses heavy-duty construction and is made of sturdy plastic and sturdy metal.

The Desktop Stand Holder for cell phones works with all 4 – 8-Inch smartphones and e-readers, such as Nintendo Switch, iPhone 8 / X / 6 / 6s / 7 / 7 plus, Galaxy S8 / S7 / S6 / Note6, LG, Motorola, HTC, IPAD mini, Samsung Tab, Google Nexus, Kindle and so on.

It’s compatible with most smartphones and e-readers, including:

  • iphone 8/8 plus
  • iphone 7/7 plus
  • iphone 6/6s/6plus/6s plus
  • iphone 5c/5s/5/4s/4g/3gs
  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S7 Edge/S6 Edge+
  • Galaxy Note6 4G+ (SM-N920A)/Note 5 (SM-N920C) or others with similar size body.

2. Nulaxy A4 Cell Phone Stand, Fully Foldable, Adjustable Desktop Phone Holder

Nulaxy A4 Cell Phone Stand is the ideal solution for you to enjoy your device hands-free while charging. The adjustable design allows you to use it at any angle you want, and the compact size makes it easy to take it with you when you are on the go.

Advantages of Nulaxy A4 Cell Phone Stand

  • 100% Brand New, compact and portable design; easy use for watching videos or typing; ideal solution for you to enjoy your device hands-free while charging
  • Made of solid aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable; Foldable design makes it easy to carry while traveling or home using
  • Adjustable holder can be adjusted into different viewing angles, provides more viewing options; Compatible with all 4-10″ Smartphones Tablets and e-readers, such as iPhone 11 Pro Xs Xs Max Xr X 8 7 6, Switch, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S10 /S10+/S9 /S9+/S8 /S8+, Samsung Tab, Google Nexus, Kindle
  • The most suitable gift for your family, friends or lovers who are mobile phone users
  • Anti-skidding feet protect your devices from scratching or sliding when placed on smooth surfaces

It’s perfect for use with music apps, gaming apps, streaming videos, Netflix, and YouTube.

This product is a holder only and does not include a car, wall, or desk.

This universal design fits all smartphones, including iPhone 11 Pro Xs Xs Max Xr X 8 7 6, Switch, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S10 /S10+/S9 /S9+/S8 /S8+, Samsung Tab, Google Nexus, Kindle, and most other popular Smartphones and Tablets.

3. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, Lamicall Desk Phone Holder

The Lamicall cell phone stand can help you enjoy a hands-free, eyes-free experience when using your phone. The adjustable slot can fit all phones from 4 to 8 inches, and it’s easy to install and remove.

There’s no need to buy a new expensive phone holder. This Lamicall cell phone stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and can be used from 4-8 inches with any smartphone.

The adjustable neck allows you to adjust your viewing angle. It is ideal for watching videos, playing games, and reading.

A simple and elegant design makes it easy to carry and use. There is a gap in the back support, so this phone cradle can charge your phone while charging your phone.

The best thing about this smartphone holder is that you can put your phone horizontally or vertically. You don’t need to take off the case, and it is easy to hold your phone with one hand. The width of the stand is 5cm, and You can extend it to 13 cm. Therefore, you can use it for any situation like watching videos, making video calls, playing games, reading ebooks, and many more.

4. Upgraded Aluminum Cell Phone Stand, OMOTON C1 Durable Cellphone Dock with Protective Pads

The upgraded aluminum-alloy body is more durable than the previous version, and it’s also lighter in weight, which will bring you more convenience. In addition, the upgraded design of the stand with four anti-slip silicone pads can protect your devices from scratches or sliding off.

The upgraded aluminum alloy is lightweight and sturdy. It can hold up to 2kg(4.4lb) of weight. In addition, it’s straightforward to install on the back of your phone or tablet with an air suction cup or an adhesive pad.

The stand has a bigger size, which makes it more stable when holding your phones or tablets. In addition, it comes with four anti-slip silicone pads which can protect your devices from scratches or sliding off.

All in all, this upgraded aluminum alloy cell phone stand is a multifunctional accessory. You can use it to put your phone on the table in a convenient way or place it on the dashboard of your car so that you can easily access it while driving.

5. KTRIO Cell Phone Holder, Foldable Phone Stand for Desk, Adjustable Stand

The KTRIO phone stand is compatible with all 4-10 inches smartphones in phone cases, tablets, and e-readers, such as Phone 13 Pro Max 11 Pro 12 XS Max XR X 8 7 6 6S five 5S 4S SE Plus, Switch, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/Note 20/S10/S10+/Note10/S9/S9+/S8/S8+, Google Pixel, Nexus, Samsung Tab, Kindle, Sony, Moto, LG, etc.

Wide Compatibility: This cell phone stand is compatible with all 4-10 inches smartphones in phone cases, tablets and e-readers, such as Phone 13 Pro Max 11 Pro 12 XR 10 8 7 6 6s 5s 4s SE Plus. Switch. iPad mini. Samsung Galaxy S20/ S20 + / Note 20 / S10 / S10 + / Note 10 / S9 / S9 + / S8 / S8 + . Google Pixel. Nexus. Samsung Tab. Kindle. Sony. Moto. LG etc.

The KTRIO cell phone holder can be used for both horizontal and vertical viewing angles while sturdily supporting your device to help you watch movies or videos more.

The phone stand is easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth, no need to worry about any dirt or fingerprints being left behind.

It’s effortless to assemble and disassemble. Just use the lever to adjust the size of the phone holder. It has a compact size when folded up for storage. So you can put it in your bag or pocket conveniently.

The phone holder folds up easily for convenient storage or travel purposes. You can hang it on a wall or slide it into your pocket for easy transportability.

This cell phone stand comes in black color and weighs just 3 ounces. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic that is durable and will not scratch your phone. In addition, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t pleased, you can return it at no extra cost for an exchange or full refund.

6. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, CreaDream Phone Stand, Cradle, Dock, Holder, Aluminum Desktop Stand

The Cradle is made of Aluminum Alloy, lightweight, sturdy and durable. Keep your cell phone in the upright position while charging, allowing you to watch videos or browse the internet while charging.

This Cell Phone Stand is a fantastic companion for your cell phone because You can use it at different angles to meet your needs (0-270 degrees). In addition, it will serve as a stand for watching movies and can be used as a desktop organizer to hold notes, cards, etc.

The stand is very lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. You can even put it in your pocket or hang it on your backpack for travel use. It will make an excellent gift for the special people in your life.

  • The stand can be adjusted to 270 degree, so it is convenient for watching videos, reading e-books and playing games.
  • Made of high quality aluminum, which is lightweight and sturdy.
  • The phone holder can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted from -20 to +20 degrees, which ensures the best view angle for watching videos and playing games.
  • Anti-slip silicone pad on the bottom helps keep your device stable and not falling off the stand.
  • Lightweight and portable, you can take it anywhere you want.
  • The phone holder is suitable for 4 -10-Inch smartphones and e-readers like iPhone 11 Max Pro/ 11 Max/ 11/ Xs Max/ Xs/ XR/ X/ 8 7 6 6s Plus 5 5s SE , Galaxy S9 /S9 Plus/S8 / S7 / S6 / Note9/Note 8 , LG, Huawei,LG,IPAD mini, Samsung Tab, Google Nexus , Kindle etc.

7. Nulaxy Phone Stand, Height Angle Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, Phone Holder for Desk

The Nulaxy phone stand is the perfect desk accessory for you. It works as an elevator to raise your phone screen to eye level, and it’s super easy to use, slide your phone into the Holder and lower it down. The height you can adjust is from 6.3 to 9 inches, which is the most comfortable height level, and protect you from neck and back pain. Also, it is hands-free, so it can give you the most comfortable position when watching videos or reading the news. Note: The top of this stand is not designed for heavyweight like iPad or tablet PC.

You can set up the stand on both your desk and the bedside table, which is very convenient to use. You can adjust the angle and height of your phone freely to make a comfortable viewing angle. And the bottom foot is designed with an anti-slip mat, which can prevent sliding when you hold your phone. It is a good choice for watching videos, playing games, reading ebooks, or using FaceTime.

The full rubber cushion plate and base can protect your device from any scratches and slides. The reserved charging cap allows a charging cable to charge your phone. It works as a perfect charging dock for your phone. This phone pad will not cover the subtitle when you watch the video. The rubber ring on the top will help keep your mobile from slipping, and the bottom has a unique silicone material, which prevents your mobile from scratches and sliding.
It is an excellent solution for keeping devices secure in vehicles or at the home, office, hotel, restaurants, kitchen, bedroom, and so on.

8. Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Anti-Slip Base

This Holder is a multipurpose mount that can be used as a phone holder, a tablet holder, a camera holder, a GPS holder, and much more. The unique design allows you to keep your hands free at all times. So you can have a great time with it while driving or walking.

With its compact size and lightweight, it fits in most cars and trucks cup holders. It’s easy to install and use. You can install it on the dashboard or windshield of your vehicle. But please make sure the air vent is at the bottom for safety reasons.

The stand could be adjusted to different angles using the rotating circle knob, so you can have the optimal angle to view videos or pictures on your phone or tablet.

It is also perfect for home or office use, such as watching movies/TV shows, listening to music, reading books, Facetime, Skype, online video games, etc.

This Holder has an anti-slip silicone pad on the base to prevent it from slipping around when you move your desk or change your phone/tablet/GPS/camera position.

The wireless Bluetooth speaker cell phone holder is a multifunctional device. It can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, and it also has the function of a mobile phone holder.

The cell phone stand with Bluetooth speaker is both an exquisite desktop accessory and an advanced wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is made of ABS material that is durable to use. Compatible with all smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, or any devices that support Bluetooth connection.

9. Phone Stand for Desk,BRIGHT STONE Adjustable Tablet Stand Phone Holder for Desk (pink)

The BrightStone Adjustable Phone Stand Holder for Desk is designed to hold your phone securely. It is very easy to adjustable and has a perfect angle of view for your choice. The stand is made of aluminum alloy, silicone, ABS, can hold your phone steadily. Non-slip silicone pad to protect your phone.

It has four rubber pads under the base, preventing sliding around on smooth surfaces, such as tabletops or desks. With this super lightweight Phone Stand Holder, you will enjoy every moment, whether reading the news, watching a movie, or playing games.

The stand can be rotatable to any angle you want, making it flexible for any viewing angle you want. It is perfect for watching videos, reading books, and browsing the web on TV or other significant screen devices while keeping your hands free for other things. (Note: To watch videos in landscape mode, you need to rotate the Holder so that the hook points upward.)

It will be acceptable to place your portable devices on the desk when using this adjustable tablet stand holder because it won’t hurt any surface whatsoever. It’s suitable for use at home or in the office and makes an ideal gift for anyone that needs a versatile tablet holder that’s sturdy and reliable.

10. UGREEN Cell Phone Stand Desk Adjustable Aluminum Mobile Phone Holder

UGREEN aluminum mobile phone holder is made of premium aluminum alloy, solid and steady. The heavy base can ensure the stability of your phone, which also makes it more convenient for you to enjoy hands-free video watching or video chatting.

The adjustable clamp with smooth metal can let you adjust different angles with no worry about tipping over. This feature not only makes it easier for you to position your phone just perfectly as you want, but also prevent your phone from falling off the holder.

The elegant design with smooth metal makes this phone holder for desk a very nice finish, a worthy choice for those people pursuing product quality. With this stand holder, your iPhone will be safe wherever you place it! You can use the adhesive at the bottom of the phone holder to stick it on the corner of table or just place it on your desk.

Conclusion – do I need a phone stands?

Cell phone stands are as diverse as the cell phones they’re meant to prop up. Some models attach to a wall. Others permit hands-free use. Still others include pockets for storage or hooks for necklaces.

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